Barcelona 2015 – Part 2 📷


Barcelona Memories

Barcelona 2015 was a wonderful trip away with members of the Tullamore Camera Club. A wonderful weekend away with great companions and endless photo opportunities. Here are four more stories from members which featured in an exhibition in the Offaly County Council atrium.

‘Chistopher Columbus’ by Dominic Guinan

The story of Christopher Columbus reminds us that all fruitful exploration and discovery begins with a willingness to set one’s sails higher, to seek new horizons, and to follow wherever one’s imagination and experience might lead.
Although born in Genoa, Italy, Colombus travelled the earth on behalf of King Ferdinand of Spain, claiming territory and riches for the crown. This 60m statue to him is erected at the end of Las Ramblas, marking the spot where the ships the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Marie came ashore following his return from his first journey west.
The statue is evocative of the spirit of adventure at the time, and Columbus is depicted proudly pointing towards the New World he had just discovered.
I think that he is a great role model and inspiration for a city where innovation and design is promoted and is clear to see all over the city.

‘Gaudi’s Workshop’ by Pauline Stronge

Barcelona Door

I was walking around the perimeter of the Sagrada de Familia with a small group from the Tullamore Camera Club, taking in the wonder of this most beautiful place. Antoni Gaudi had started this never ending project and he earned himself the nickname God’s Architect.
I noticed people coming out of this unusual shaped house which looked interesting and caught my eye, so I pointed my camera and tried to compose a nice shot. On further investigation, it turns out that this was Gaudi’s workshop and his last residence before he was knocked by a tram in 1926.
Barcelona is a city full of hidden gems and this is just another one.

‘Fountain Magic’ by Mary Theresa Clancy

We were in Placa Espanya heading towards the Palau Nacional to photograph the fountains. We had viewed the area from the top of the adjacent building, Les Arenes (former bullring) and knew the fountains themselves weren’t the only photograph to get. The waterfall, the columns, the flowers, the statues, the ponds, the sheer beauty of the area – I was so glad we were there in daylight as well as for the night shoot.
Strolling around I saw the geometric composition of urns as they rose towards the columms waiting patiently for the night to fall. The calm before the performance – so many elegant aspects to the Montjuic fountains – well worth visiting in day light as well as night time.

‘Barclona Flag’ by Joseph Smith

Barcelona flag

On the club’s recent trip to the wonderful city of Barcelona, I went walk about near our hotel and found myself in the City’s quaintest neighbourhood with its very narrow streets, very high buildings with lots balconies, its characteristic smells, its wine bars and many balconies sporting the Barcelona Flag.
It was Saturday and that night Barcelona were playing Atletico Madrid at the Camp Nou. As an avid football supporter I though it fitting that I took this photo on the 19th April 2015 in Barcelona. ‘Viva Barcelona – ‘Mes que en club’ ‘More than a club’

Browse through the album below for more pictures from this wonderful trip

Barcelona- Spring 2015

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