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Tullamore Camera Club want to take the opportunity to introduce members and to show their style of photography. Over the coming months we will be chatting to each of our members asking them questions about their passion for photography and what Tullamore Camera Club means for them. Our Second member in the hot seat is Pauline Stronge.

Pauline, how long have you been a member of Tullamore Camera Club?

I hail from Monaghan and moved to Tullamore with my husband and family. As I have always had an interest in photography,I was delighted to read about a new camera club starting in Tullamore. I joined Tullamore Camera club back in 2009. My cameras are a Nikon 7100 and D60. I have a number of lenses – Nikon 18-55mm, 55-200mm and 18-105mm. The last photographic items purchased were a UV filter and a monopod.

What is your photographic style?

I enjoy all types of photography but can usually be found with a macro lens or just enjoying wildlife in my garden. If I am an honest its the butterflies that I love – such a delicate creature – I could spend a wee while in my garden just watching them and waiting for them to land on some foliage so I can take their photo. One of my favourite places to visit is the National Butterfly farm at Malahide Castle.

Your favourite outing with TCC?

The club organise outings to help and encourage members to take out their cameras. My favourite outing (and there are a few..) has to be Barcelona. I just loved the city and I am a big fan of Gaudi. To get to see his work and to visit his workshop was just a dream come true for me. The whole weekend was just fantastic – great weather , great work done by the organisers to give us tips on how to utilise our time and best of all, a great bunch of fellow travellers with plenty of banter along side the (serious???) business of getting photographs of a wonderful city.

Most memorable photograph?

This changes with each outing or exhibition! I get great satisfaction seeing my photos mounted and framed in the various exhibition –  a lot of photos that have made it to exhibitions are now displayed in my own home. This particular favourite was taken earlier this year and now each of my sisters have this one mounted and framed in their homes too!

What are your photographic achievements?

Since joining Tullamore Camera Club I have learned so much. When my sister asked me to take her wedding photographs in Spain in 2017, I was a little nervous to say the least but encouragement & tips from club members and words of encouragement from family members, I did the job and I was delighted with the photographs (and so was my sister and her husband). A Spanish wedding has a different ‘feel’ than an Irish wedding – maybe it’s the weather… or maybe seeing how happy my sister & my new brother-in-law were on their wedding day (it’s amazing the things you see through the camera lens)

What do you enjoy most about Tullamore Camera Club?

I enjoys the workshops organised by the club . These workshops give me the opportunity to explore different types of photography that I would not normally have had a chance to take, the low-light night shoot in Boora and the photographing of Tullamore in low light are just two examples. The variety of guest speakers and the various outings make it a great learning opportunity . The members are so friendly and are always encouraging.

Where to find out more about Pauline

It was great chatting to Pauline. She is an active committee member and takes part in the various fund raising projects that the club are involved with. Always sharing thoughts and ideas on suggestions for club activities, she is a valued member of the club. These are a selection of photos Pauline has taken over the years – some made it to exhibitions and others are just firm favourites.

Browse through Pauline’s gallery below:
Pauline's Blog Photos

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