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Trim Castle Night


Tullamore Camera Club want to take the opportunity to introduce our members and to show their style of photography. Over the coming months we will be chatting to our members asking them questions about their passion for photography and what Tullamore Camera Club means for them.

Our third member we sat down with is one of our newest members Rosemary Cummins.

Rosemary, How long have you been a member of Tullamore Camera Club?

I joined the club back in August 2017. Im originally from Trim ,Co.Meath, and relocated to Tullamore about 8 years ago for work.Having thought about joining the club for a long time due to my huge interest in photography, I finally made the decision a year ago to  join Tullamore Camera Club. I have a Nikon D3200 with a 18-55mm lens. I also have a 55-300mm zoom lens and a 50mm prime lens.My favourite camera to use at the moment is my Fujifilm X-A10 which I only purchased during the summer .My last photographic item purchased was a lens ball – I loves the quirky effects it has on photos.

What is you photographic Style

My favourite genres are Landscape, Wildlife and Macro photography but I am willing to try all types and love experimenting with different styles. I love photographing sunsets and I really want to do more night-time photography. My photos have already been selected for the Tullamore Camera website (Note from TCC Committee – Rosemary is a great asset to the club – we do appreciate the work she is doing in the background to help promote the club).

Your favourite outing with TCC?

The club arranges many outings local and international, they have done sunsets on lough Ennell and night shoots and light painting in Lough Boora. The night shoot in Boora was my first outing with the club and I really learned a lot on the night as well as making great friends.It was a great opportunity to meet more members and learn more about my camera as we all share tips and tricks.My favourite outing was an early morning trip to the Phoenix park to shoot some deer. I got some amazing shots and learned so much about shooting in low light situations.

Phoenix Park deer


Most memorable photo

I really enjoy photographing along the Canal line – either the Royal or the Grand Canals, and of course Dublin Zoo cannot be passed.  One of my personal favourite photos was of a lion and his cub taken in Dublin zoo a few years ago. I had a collection of photos of the lions that day as they were being very playful but the one below is one of my ultimate favourites as it shows such a tender moment between the animals. This photo was also featured on the Dublin zoo facebook page as photo of the week.

Dublin Zoo Lion

What are your photographic achievements

Since joining Tullamore Camera Club I’ve learned so much and I feel my photographic skill has improved. It has given me the confidence to put my pictures up on instagram and showcase them more.  I have also entered some competitions. I have had my one of my pictures of Trim Castle featured in the Meath Chronicle photo of the week. I was also very fortunate to have one of my pictures selected for the Lambe’s Oil 2019 calendar along with 6 other members from Tullamore Camera Club, a fantastic achievement and a great  opportunity to show what the club has to offer.

Tullamore Dew Barrel


What do you enjoy most about Tullamore Camera Club?

Tullamore Camera club has so much to offer.It is a great way to meet like minded people who have a passion for photography. I have really enjoyed the outings and have learned so much from them. It has given me the opportunity to photograph things that i would never have done on my own- the deer in the park, the sunset at lough Ennell and light painting in Lough Boora. All the outings have been a great social activity also and its a great way to chat and share knowledge and tips with each other.

I would encourage all avid photographers to join a club – a way of sharing knowledge, learning tips, travelling and socialising.

Where to find out more about Rosemary Cummins

It was great chatting to Rosemary. She is an active member of the Tullamore Camera Club. Rosemary has been a great addition to the media sub-committee, involved in running the social media accounts and the website.
Browse through a selection of Rosemary photos below and for more you can find her on instagram and facebook- Enjoy
Rosemary Cummins Blog Photos

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