TCC members take to the streets (Part 1)

Dublin Street Photography

Street photography is something that can be quite daunting to try.  TCC members took to the streets of Dublin, with cameras in hand, to try learn the art of street photography. 

The club approached Dublin school of Photography to enquire about a workshop on Street photography. Kevin Hayes was delighted to oblige. So a date was set – Mon Jan 2nd 2023 (and in fairness we couldn’t have picked a better day weatherwise!) 

Next Stop Dublin

We started the morning by taking the train up to Dublin city, and then hopped on the Luas to Smithfield Market to meet Kevin and we were in business.  Kevin went through camera settings and the kind of things to look out for. Street photography is not just about people but shadows, textures, candid photos all telling a story.


Four Courts by David Gethings
Four Courts by David Gethings

In Dublin’s Fair City……

Strolling along the banks of the Liffey, the colour and light were just fabulous but street photography is best captured in monochrome. The shadows and highlights just draw you in to the beauty of the city. The traffic noise mixed with fleeting conversations in different languages and the unmissable Dublin accents all added to the atmosphere

Christchurch Arch by Mary Theresa Clancy

Onwards then through the back streets towards Christchurch, and away from the Liffey. Here the long shadows from the sun made some interesting photographs. It is a busy intersection too and you notice more and more people moving about.

A lovely day for a Guinness…

A pint and a pipe by Marie Kearns

As we moved through the city heading towards Dublin Castle, the side streets had their own characters. The city is alive with culture both old and new. Marie Kearns perfectly captured A typical Dublin portrait of a man with his pipe and his pint. Sure why not have a pint of the black stuff in the home of the black stuff.

Grafton St

Busking in Grafton St by Cliff Webb

Next up was Grafton St . Here it was a lot busier, focus and attention was needed in order to get the photos. Cliff captured this photo of a very gifted musician as he entertained the shoppers and strollers on the street.

Waiting for a friend by Bridie Roe

Although the atmosphere was so busy, in amongst the hustle and bustle someone was stationary with a mobile phone (just waiting for their photo to be taken….)

Young and gifted by Sean McKenna

The buskers of Grafton St are well worth a stop to listen. This little guy had a mighty voice and really gave it gusto.

Good hair day by Gerry Kenna

The sunlight light brightened up Grafton Street – the sun’s rays reflecting on the shoppers as they watched the buskers.

A very enjoyable day – Dublin city is well worth a return visit.

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