TCC members take to the streets (Part 2)

Part 2……

Following on from our previous Blog about our members taking to the streets of Dublin City,  practicing some Street Photography, here we discuss some hints and tips we picked up on the day.

Capture the texture

Street photography is trying to capture texture (shadows and tones, patterns and symmetry) and allowing the eye to see what is right in front of you.  I think it’s safe to say that members certainly were able to capture many various textures throughout the day. Simple scenes are there to be taken.

Shadows captured by Mary Theresa Clancy

A different perspective

Street photography gives you the opportunity to really think outside the box. In the fast pace world that we live in, the ideal photo opportunity can just appear right before you.

Selfie captured by Gerry McKenna.

Use props in front of you

One tip Kevin shared was to take photos from different angles and get down low. There was the smallest of puddles in the courtyard of Dublin Castle but getting down low captured the reflection of the Castle windows and the blue sky on the day – giving a photo from a different perspective.

Reflections at Dublin Castle captured by Bridie Roe

Black and White

Using Black and white to capture moods and ambiance of urban life can make a photo magical. The low light and water droplets are caught beautifully here – a slow shutter speed and a steady hand are needed.

Fountain in St Stephens Green captured by David Gethings

Leading Lines

Leading Lines is one of the easiest photography rules to follow. In street and Urban settings many opportunities to use leading lines can present themselves. By using them creatively, getting down low to street level adds a wonderful perspective drawing the eye to the person walking away.

Leading lines captured by Marie Kearns


As the light fades,  its a little more difficult to capture reflections but using artificial light, low F-stop and a high ISO usually works. A tourist posing for their own photo adds to the image.

Reflection by Cliff Webb

Night Photography

As the day drew to a close the City lights come alive. Night photography needs a steady hand (or a tripod) and a long exposure. Getting the composition right adds to the photo

Night lights captured by Sean McKenna

Tullamore Camera Club members had a lot of fun in Dublin practicing some Street Photography . Every day is a learning day, and it was great to get the opportunity to head up to Dublin together for a different style of photography.

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