Useful Photography Links

Here are some Useful links to videos and websites which our members have found some great information on all things Photography

Photography Tips, Tricks and Learning:

Editing Programs Tips, Tricks and Learning:

  • Need to learn more on Lightroom head over to the LightRoom Queen
  • Free Editing Software GIMP
  • Free Editing Software Faststone
  • Free Editing Software SNAPSEED *only available as a phone app, check the app store on your phone to download*
  • Free Editing Software Darktable
  • Youtube Demo on Snapseed
  • Youtube Demo on Faststone
  • Youtube Demo on GIMP
  • Youtube Demo on Darktable

Photography Tours/Workshops


If Podcasts are your thing check these ones out for some great Photography tips:

Camera Shops

If you are looking to buy new equipment/upgrade check out: